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PNA-X Calibration SCPI Commands

Question asked by Vyrl on Dec 7, 2011
I am working through automating a calibration routine for the PNA-X, and I am having some trouble finding some SCPI commands for things that I would like to set.

When doing a source power cal using a segment table, I can't find the SCPI commands to select the Segment Number and Channel in the Source Power Calibration window.

After the power cal I am trying to set up a guided cal using an E-Cal module and can't find some SCPI commands to set selections on the following screens:
    Select Ports for Guided Calibrations
    Enable the Calibrate Source and Receiver Power
    Select DUT Conectors and Cal Kits
    Enable the Modify Cal: Change Cal Method, Standards
    Power Cal Settings
    Select the items in the Power cal at: drop down box
            Set the Tolerance
            Set the Max Number of Readings
    Guided Calibration Step 1 of 3
    Set the Power Level
Any help would be greatly appreciated.