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SMA(m) to SMA(m) connector phase measurement

Question asked by mits__patel on Mar 31, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2006 by Dr_joel
I have PNA series network analyzer with ECAL.  I am trying to measure the phase across the SMA(m) to SMA(m) connector.  My Ecal kit is not helpping me since i have to use barrel (SMA (F) to SMA(F) connector) for connecting cables to ECAL. And it creates an error large enough compare to SMA(m) to SMA(m) connector's phase measurment. 
     Any ideas on who do i measure the phase of SMA(m) to SMA(m) connector?
      I have other old calkit like 85033C (3.5mm) and 85052A (3.5mm), but they are not supported in PNA N5230A we have.