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PNA-X External device configuration via SCPI

Question asked by andyTPE on Dec 2, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2011 by andyTPE
Hello PNA-X programmers,

I have a chunk of code that parses an external file that describes the external devices to be configured by the PNA-X (external sources and power meter).  In my problem case, I am tring to configure a PMAR (USB power sensor) and an MXG signal generator.  The aim is to configure but not enable the PMAR (i.e. have it handy for debug) but enable the MXG as 'srcLO'.  At the end of the configuration routine, I update two internal housekeeping lists, a source list (SOUR:CAT?) and a ranges list (SOUR:FOM:CAT?).

Now, if I configure the PMAR (disabled) and then the Source (enabled), everything works fine.  BUT if I swap the order and configure the source (enabled) and then the PMAR (disabled), my 'srcLO' does not show up in my lists.  I have logged the IO traffic in both cases as:
In both cases, you can see from the ioen and state queries that the PNA-X thinks that the source is enabled.  If there were some latency in the source getting populated into the sources list, I would have thought that having the source first would have helped (additional delay in config'ing the PMAR).  But it is the opposite. 

For now I can workaround the issue by ensuring I have a working order of devices, but going forward I would like to try and implement a more robust solution.