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Read Buffer From PNA-X N5242A but output lost sign

Question asked by tamintai on Nov 14, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2011 by tamintai
Hello  to all users of Agilent Network Analyzer N5242A

I use the Matlab to catch the data from the buffer of N5242A. The data I get cannot show "-" sign.  For example, I catch the S11 with scanning frequency. I expect the value of S11 should be negative in  dB scale.  But the y scale I get is positive in log scale.  The following is the way I used to catch S11 ( a standard code for measuring S11)  :

fprintf (vi, 'FORM:BORD SWAP');   
fprintf (vi, 'FORM REAL,64');   
fprintf(vi, 'CALC:DATA:SNP? 2');
[data, count, msg] = binblockread (vi, 'double');

I use the command of binblockread to read the buffer.  I also attached my code and the measurement result (word file) to let you see.  Hope you can give me some suggestions to solve this problem.