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waveguide calibration

Question asked by e4411a on May 20, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2006 by mmule54

I have  waveguide component on which I want to do an insertion loss measurment. The device measurement is in the X band. I am using an X11664A cal kit with the X281C adapters and I am using the E8364B pna. The waveguide device has an 90degree flange right after the i/p and this connects to an attenuator and then the o/p of the connector connects to the o/p of the component. I need to measure the insertion loss on this path. After i do the two prt cal and when I connect the network analyser to the i/p amd measure the S11, I find that it reads close to 0db. This I presume is beacause of the flange being curved and the reflections are adding up to give a 0db S11. I am attching the measurements that I made. But then for the measurements I had connected port 2 of the network analyser to the i/p.I am also attaching a zip file with the device details.

Request your comments on this as  i am stuck on this measurement as I have bought this instrument mainly for such kind of measurements.