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N5230A Matlab termination code?

Question asked by jib on Jul 20, 2011
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I have a minor problem with my code that connects to the N5230A using matlab. The problem lies in the fact that I have to use a NI driver card to interface with the machine instead of using an agilent driver and this causes a problem. As some of you may be aware(I was not until I called agilent tech support, they are very helpful), if you use an NI driver to connect with an agilent machine, the code that you send does not self terminate meaning a line saying fprintf(pna, '*IDN?') does not end with the ? but leaves the machine asking for more input even though there is none. I was unaware of this problem until I reached the fprintf(pna, '*OPC?') command where it does not return a value of 1 even if the measurement takes place but instead returns "Warining: AN input/output error has occured etc.."

I was wondering if anyone here knows how to send the N5230A (and if possible the 4155c) the CR/LF commands and how exactly to send it in matlab. Finding a solution to this would be extremely helpful for me and others who use matlab to communicate with their agilent instruments.

Thank You in Advance!