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8753D NA Matlab data pull - Change Trigger Type

Question asked by GettingIntoRF on Nov 13, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2011 by odanzy
Hi All,

I am using an 8753D Network Analyzer (NA), and trying to retrieve the data from the NA using Matlab over GPIB. The problem I'm running into is that after running my code through, the Trigger Type on the NA changes from "Continuous" -> "Single" -> "Hold". At this point the NA is essentially frozen and I have to manually go in through the [Menu] -> Trigger Type buttons and press the button for 'Continuous'. I would like to do this automatically, but am not quite sure how to.

The line of code that causes the NA to freeze (and also puts a message displaying 'Hld' on the NA screen) is:
>> fwrite(g, 'FORM5; OPC?; SING;');

where "g" is the connection to the NA over GPIB [g = gpib('ni',0,16)].

Is it as simple as changing the reference from SING to CONT, or is there more to it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.