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Measuring absolute power output from DUT (electronic delay)

Question asked by JepJep on May 17, 2006
Latest reply on May 17, 2006 by Dr_joel

What would be proper measurement procedure? Frequency band is 300k-6G. I have tried this procedure:

Set start and stop to 300k and 6G, and did full 2-port cal between port 1 and 2 cable-ends.  Then set electronical delay to 2.641ns (to Scale/Ref menu), which I measured from DUT. After this set marker mode to polar MKR -> RE/IM, and measured S21 using Polar chart. Then set current measurement frequency to CW freq.  Would I get the absolute power from calculation: P=sqr(Re^2+Im^2)?



Got quite confused.. Any advices, how to measure absolute power loss of DUT with 8753 VNA? Or should I just use signal generator and 2 power meters?