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PNA110GHz and active device

Question asked by AgilentModerator on Feb 23, 2006
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Hello gurus,
let's take a PNA 110GHz configuration.

A customer, owning a 8510XF with its old test heads, would like to migrate towards 110GHz configuration.

He wants to measure active devices, like SOI Transistor.

Our actual and modern test heads are not equipped with an ALC (in opposition with the 8510XF + test heads config).

So how to evaluate the absolute power at the transistor input in order to guarantee at some dBs the Power?

I read that Agilent recommended to play with the 25dB attenuator and then to display the absolute power on the B receiver.
I object that in this case, the absolute power read on the B receiver will be equal to the Input power at the Input Transistor minus all the losses encountered from the Port 2 down to the B receiver. I do not see how to evaluate those losses. Is there any solution to evaluate those losses?

Second solution, I read in the PNA help that the use of a powermeter and the appropriate adapter for covering up to 110GHz may be used. A quick search makes me find the sensor 8487D + V8486A + W8486A.
Do you think this is a realistic solution? I doubt about the compatibility between the powermeter + the sensor and the PNA110GHz.

Last question, more global: what do you advise me to say to a customer, disappointed by the lack of ALC? can one of the solution be used like a workaround?

Thanks for your help 
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