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4155C RMD? command not working

Question asked by beckermt on Jun 29, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2011 by beckermt
Edit: This might not be in the right section, my apologies.

Hey friends, I've been attempting to control a 4155C Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer with Matlab and have run into some issues.

Firstly, when using the RMD? command if I use a parameter (which should specify the number of data to read) the command will execute, but then attempts to read the data fail. To read data I am using fscanf or fgets and neither works returning this error: "Warning: GPIB: AGILENT: A timeout occurred.  Error could be due to bad device address or state."

Secondly, when running a test with many data points the data buffer becomes full and I need to read it multiple times. So, I've been using:

DATA = fscanf(a);   %18 points per data
pause (1)
DATA2 = fscanf(a);

This works with or without the pause, but if I add a third RMD? command to the end in order to keep reading then I get the same error as above (which I gather is the generic, you messed it up error).

Can anyone shed some light on this subject? The machine works fine when operated from the softkeys locally, but remotely it seems to have a lot of issues.