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Defined THRU and Agilent Mechanical Cal Kits

Question asked by TedAyres Employee on Dec 9, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2007 by Dr_joel
Why doesn't Agilent include a female:female THRU standard and cal kit definition for measurement of non-insertable devices in most mechanical calibration kits?  I am submitting this question on behalf of a 85032B and ENA user who wants to understand why most Agilent mechanical calibration kits do not include a defined THRU standard (other than for zero-length or flush THRU), which could be used for non-insertable device calibration.  The user has been advised to apply other calibration techniques for non-insertable device calibration like adapter removal, swap-equal-adapters, and ECal.  Apparenlty, the user is looking for an easy, fool-proof way to accomplish calibration for non-insertable devices using the mechanical cal kit, without resorting to some of the procedures traditionally used to deal with this problem. 

I can think of one Agilent cal kit that addresses the problem of calibration for non-insertable devices by having a definition that includes a delay for a female:female THRU adapter - the 85039B Type-F cal kit.  In a cal kit definition file created for use with ENA, a 129 ps delay in the definition accounts for the electrical length of the Type-F female:female or male:male adapter that would be used during THRU standard measurement. 

Why couldn't something like the solution for the 85039B work for all Agilent coaxial calibration kits?