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transition calibration on 8510C to 5230-L ?

Question asked by ieee488 on Apr 15, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2008 by ieee488
We are phasing out the 8510C in two of our test stations to the 5230-L.

Unfortunately, I am more of a programmer than a network analyzer specialist.

Are there resources to help with the migrating the calibration over to the PNA? We do a mixed media calibration.

I have the VB6 code and I see commands such as

outstring = "INPUCALC0" & CStr(q) & ";" & Chr$(10)
outstring = "INPUCALC" & CStr(q) & ";" & Chr$(10)
Call send_ana("CAL1;CALIFUL2;HOLD;")
Call send_ana("FORM4;")
Call send_ana("SAVC;CALS2;wait;")
Call send_ana("CORRON;CALS2;WAIT;")

Any pointers greatly appreciated.