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Data-Based SOLT Cal Kit on E8358A

Question asked by PavleM on Dec 5, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2008 by PavleM

I have a problem with defining a custom data-based SOLT cal kit for calibrating the E8358A PNA.

I have first measured the standards and saved their responses in Citifiles. Then I modified the Citifiles using the instructions at and saved the files with .DAT extensions. When defining the new cal kit, the Add Data Based Standard dialog's File Information messages seemed OK, recognizing Freq, S[1,1] and U[1,1] arrays and their sizes.

Next, I performed a guided 1-port calibration using this new kit, with the same range and # of points as I used when measuring standards. The procedure ended with no error or warning messages.

However, after calibration there's no data shown on PNA's screen, and placing a marker at any freq gives a value of #QNAN dB. Also, Cal Set Viewer shows the three Error Terms (Directivity(1,1), Refl.Tracking(1,1) and Src.Match(1,1)) as #QNAN at all freqs, and shows no items in the Standards drop-down list.

In Modify Cal Kit, when I click on any of the standards I have defined, their file info box is blank - does that mean that the files have not been loaded at all?

Apart from the standards being data-based, I couldn't see any difference in my cal kit definition and e.g. 85052D (a comparable one). I have saved both .STA file and .CKT file, however they are in binary format, so I can't examine them in more detail.

Any help on debugging this issue would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot,
Pavle Milosevic
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign