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Sliding Load Verification

Question asked by Sterling019 on Dec 12, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2007 by Dr_joel
I posted a few questions about Sliding loads several months ago and received really great response…so now I have a question on the verification of a sliding load.

I have a Maury 8035H and the spec’s are as follows:

Range 2- 26.5 GHz
Air Line Accuracy: 54dB RL min
VSWR Terminating Element: 1.090 max

I have an 8510C calibrated w/ 85052B Kit.  When I connect the 8035H up to the 8510C, I measure the Load Element of the 8035H, which measures fine (>27.32dB).

My question is: How do I verify the Air Line Accuracy??
This is the way that I think you measure it…tell me if this will yield good results to verify the Air Line Accuracy.

After a S11 One-Port Cal with the 85052B Kit, I connect the 8035H up to Port one.
I select a point of interest within the range of the 8035H such as 5 GHz.
I then move the slide throughout its range and find the Peak and Trough as measured in LIN mode.
I then take the difference of the two values and plug in the formula 20*Log10(difference in LIN MAG).

Is this correct, if not then how is the Air Line Verified??

Thanks, Jeff