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Calibration of V-shaped text fixture

Question asked by resonator80 on Mar 31, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2008 by resonator80
I would like to measure the impedance (as a function of frequency from 10-200 MHz) of various electrical windings a few inches long using our HP 4396A Network Analyzer. This is a problem because of their spatial extent, i.e., there aren’t two closely positioned points that I can attach to a
network analyzer.

My thought is to make a test fixture consisting of, for example, two short pieces of 1/8" Cu tubing in a 60o V-shape. If the winding in question is 5 cm long, then each arm of the V would be 5 cm. The impedance analyzer would be attached to the closely-spaced ends of the V. 

I would like to know (and calibrate) the mathematical relationship between an impedance attached to the 5 cm spaced ends of the V and what the impedance analyzer reads.

I am attaching a full description of the problem along with a drawing.

William Edelstein
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD