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Waveguide - Coplanar

Question asked by SergioMariotti on Nov 18, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2006 by dgun
Dear sir or madam,

I'm planning to build a chain in order to make measurement on coplanar line. 75-110 GHz
So I need almost two probes.
Since I've access to two VNA, one coax 1mm , the other WR10, I wont buy a 1mm (f) probe, a WR10 probe and a W281D, in order to cover all the connections possibility. 2 probes + 1 adapter are cheaper than 4 probes.
Probe will be GGB and the adapter may be Agilent W281D.

Before buy a W281D, I' would know its VSWR. Even if it's VSWR will be error corrected, I think it's important get the lowest possible VSWR.

On the page ... 98/pd.html
it is wrote VSWR max: 1.16, while on the pdf file ... -2007E.pdf
it is wrote Return Loss better than 16dB

Well, the two sentences are incongruent because VSWR 1.16 = 22 dB Return Loss and
RL 16 dB = 1.38 VSWR

- consider a correction on the web info
- tell me asap what is the most trusted value.