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N2002A Questions

Question asked by MICROWAVE68 on Sep 15, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2008 by mdkemail
I recently bought a N2002A from a Surplus Sale of a large aerospace company and want to put the unit to use, i looked at the manual online and it appears that this is a companion instrument to the NFA also it seems like there is some kind of VEE software for this unit however the parts website does not list any spare parts for the unit.

1.) Is there a download link for the software somewhere ? is the source code available so the software can be ported to Visual Basic ?

2.) Can the unit be used with a 8970B-020 ?
3.) Calibration cost and recomended cal interval for the 2002A ?
4.) are there any special requirements to the reference noise source ?
5.) Some of the mechanical parts including the frontpanel are damaged, the manual lists spare part# however the parts website doesnt pull the P/N whats up with that ?