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EXA N9010A - How to read out demod-trace

Question asked by OnlyOnev2 on Feb 13, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2011 by OnlyOnev2
i am using an EXA N9010A Signal Analyzer.
Here i have a demodulated waveform which i want to read to my program with using SCPI-commands.
Problem is that i cant found any scpi-command to do this.
The current state is that i see the trace in the analyzer in the window "Demod Waveform" - How can i get this into the PC?

Other questions are:
1. What is the scpi-command for: Button "View/Display" + "Demod"?
(No online help included on the instrument for this button)

2. What is the scpi-command for: Button "View/Display" + "Metric Settings" + "SINAD, Distortion THD" --> OFF ?
(There is the wrong scpi-command in the online-help for this)

Thanks for the help