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Is there any ATE/ICT friendly Flux & Solder?

Question asked by SimonB on Jul 21, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2009 by calvin
Hi, Can anyone recommend any ATE/ICT Friendly Fux & Solder ?

We are currently using Indium Corporation of Europe WF-7742 VOC Free Flux and BLT Nitro Flow 63/37 8830609 (Leaded) solder in our process.

Our main running PCB utilises 1.4mm size round test pads (700 nodes in a 700mm x 100mm surface area)with a HASSEL finish. From time to time we get the odd test pad (On two identical ECT fixtures)that does not connect with our ICT machine (i3070) and as a result of First time pass rate is hovering around 98.3%. In order to inprove our process further we have tried many different types of test probe in the two fixtures. Examples of which are:

QA Probes
100-25 Series 08 Triad 8.1oz
100-25 series 63 Chisel 8.1oz
Pogo 25I35-6-S
100PRG2591H-S Blade and some 6oz pre loaded probes used for lead free.

In all cases they all appear to perform around the same, even with the automatic fixture bounce and retest on. This is why we have turned our attention to the process inparticular the Flux & Solder finish.
If anyone has any other suggestions or other ideas on how to improve our process further, this will be greatly appreciated.