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using parallel interface to output bitmaps

Question asked by biswas on Jun 13, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2008 by dgun
I am using an old HP agilent 8591EM spectrum analyser. It has a parallel output to a HP deskjet printer but its getting hard to find printer cartrdiges.

I am wondering if its possible to output a screen shot to a PC using the parallel port. I have read some stuff online about the protocol HP uses for printing in deskjet -PCL3 and guessing the SA uses this same protocol. I am also thnking of making a DB 25 to DB 25 dongle for SA to PC. I guess I need to switch the pins on PC status port and control port as I will be sending out status commands thru PC.
Also I was wondering how much current the SA would supply across the parallel port to PC when i connect it.