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Modulation uncertainty calculation

Question asked by ruebenn on Apr 8, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2011 by Ludogratz
Dear Sir/Ms,

I am sorry to bug you once again but i would be obliged if you could help me out on some aspects of the generator uncertainty.

I have sought help on the power and time/frequency uncertainty calculation and i sincerely appreciate the people in this forum for that.

But i do require some extra help on the uncertainty calculation involving phase/amplitude/frequency modulation.

Do you have any readouts or details as of how these steps are tabulated and calculated?

Say, if i use the 8902S to calibrate the 8648D signal generator's frequency/amplitude/phase modulation - how do i arrive at the uncertainties associated with it?

When i see the 8902S specs, it is stated something like 3% + reading??
I have a tought time comprehending it..

Appreciate the help.