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How to move the marker from marker delta Reference?

Question asked by Yogeun on Feb 21, 2008
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I encountered a problem on moving the marker from marker delta value via sending commands through GPIB with labview. There is a series of commands but the PSA screen was still remaining unchanged with marker still.
The setting that I set to PSA 4445A Spectrum is:
- Set a test frequency example 136MHz with span to zero;
- Resolution BW to 100 KHz
- Set a Video trigger line to capture the signal rise time
- Then max peak the signal and delta to 0.
After that, I am trying to move the marker to -6dB below the delta peak but the PSA didn't perform as the command.

The command that I sent to PSA are:

However, the last command is not working and the PSA didn't return any error.
Please help to resolve my problem.

Thanks and Regards.