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7.10pc Losing Testhead, Locking Up, Xvision Problems

Question asked by dbailey on Nov 6, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2010 by dbailey
Just started using 7.10pc last week.

We stopped using the new operator gui on day 2 because the operators needed reboot the machine from the back switch too often.  Lost heart beat, program locking up, general frustration arose.

Logging on to tcm still requires reboots throughout the day, not as bad, once or twice per shift. 

Sometimes when logging on to tcm, after re-booting, XVision will not launch from start up.  Can force launch from start menu, but test plan will not load and another complete re-start from back switch is required.

Need to have operators and shift supervisors do a CTL/ALT/Print Screen to copy screen image to collect hard data on when system fails.

Anyone else have any experiences like this?