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Trace not displayed in PC viewer - N9320B

Question asked by andywright on Jan 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2012 by andywright
I have tried various options but cannot seem to view the trace remotely from my N9320B spectrum analyser
I have installed the latest software (Agilent Connection Expert version 16 along with Agilent HSA and N9320B PC software  1.8

I can step between the peaks on the trace and see the markers in the relevant places as expected, but the traces are all at 0dB

I have looked at the VISA data with Agilent IO Monitor   and each of the 4 traces is returning an ASCII string that takes a form similar to -81.0202035,-79.432342,-72.54354 .....

I have been into the view/trace options (via the PC software viewer) and tried various modes for Trace1-4 but always I get the line at 0dB (Though changing these does change the letter next to V1 S2 S3  & S4 to the left of my viewer

Am I missing something obvious here?