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FM demodulation question

Question asked by iandoubleyou Employee on Apr 25, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2007 by bradd
Could you tell me how can I interpret the spec: FM bandwidth (-3dB)?

Do you think that the maximum Rate of FM modulation that ESA can detect is related to AYX option availability?

When I measure a FM modulation with ESA, I see my modulation (in Span 0 and FM detector on) but it isn't centered in vertical scale.


Input signal: 1GHz with 10kHz Dev/1kHz Rate of FM sine modulation.

I see on ESA my sinewave with a frequency equal to Freq_Rate and an amplitude of 20kHz peak to peak but, if I use the marker, I see that the max peak is 8kHz and min peak is -12kHz so sinewave isn't symmetric.

Could anyone explain this?