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Freeze the Maximum value of Channel Power (dbm/Hz)

Question asked by salvatore on Dec 14, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2012 by tabbott
Good morning,
I was doing some test using Agilent E4403B: i need to measure a channel power of a NON continuous signal (generated each 5 seconds) that has a central frequency at 1GHz and bandwidth of 5MHz.
Well, using Option "measure" --> "channel power"  and "measure setup" --> "channel power span"= 5MHz i' m able to have the signal channel power for the desidered bandwidth BUT because the signal is not continuous signal i' m not able to "register" (write in a sheet of paper) this value.
I know that using the option "view trace" --> "trace" --> "max hold" i' m able to "freeze" (in Agilent LCD) the maximum level of signal peak (dbm) BUT this option doens't work for the maxim level of Channel Power (dbm/Hz). Is it possible to "freeze" the maximum value of channel power?