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VTEP Sense Value low

Question asked by bin on Aug 21, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2010 by edoga
Hi All,
I'm a technique supporter of fixture house.

Recently, we had more and more  complains from our customers on VTEP applications.
The sensed value were very low to 5 around mostly, not only on BGAs, also on DIP connectors, TSSOP, SOT, QFN IC packages, etc. We have checked the sensor plates, mux cards, amplifiers, all of them were verified ok. This is really a headache problem, which was frequently happened in our application and service fields.

As I know, many factors may cause this problem, such as the noise of probes around DUT, electromagnetic effects, shapes of sensor plates, degree of coupling, even the wrong topology of board definition may lead IPG run incorrect testjet files. Besides all the hardwares and factors I mentioned above, what else may cause this problem? Any measures or techniques could be taken to avoid this happening?  I appreciate your helps and discussions on this topic, thanks.