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How to convert captured scope data to dBV/sqrt(Hz)?

Question asked by ptdsp on Feb 13, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2012 by algoss
Hi Everyone,

If I capture an analog signal using a real-time sampling oscilloscope (DSA90000A series), how do I process the raw data (received in Volts by the oscilloscope I'd assume) using some software package (e.g. Matlab) to get data in units of dBV/sqrt(Hz), where I use dBV here to mean "referenced to 1V rms" (e.g. 0dBV = 1Vrms)? That is, can someone lead me through the operations that need to be performed. Not necessarily looking for scripts (although Matlab script would be useful), but more for general understanding. How is this done?

Thanks in advance for any replies