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O2E UDF for Infiniium

Question asked by Brig Asay Employee on Jul 7, 2009
The Infiniium Scopes does not provide integrated O2E converter and optical measurement routines. The 81495A Optical to Electrical Converter from our Photonics Measurement Division can be used together with the Realtime Scopes in optical applications. However, the Infiniiium Scope does not offer any optical measurements.

Configuration and detailed instructions:
Step one for using the O2E is following the instructions in the PPP “New Agilent 81495A OE with TRScopes.ppt”. Step two is to install the ER&OMA UDF scripts and run the UDF OParameter. It allows to calibrate the dark current and calculates with statistics the OMA and ER on the captured trace of channel 1. The code is included in the “” file.
Eventually the PPP will be enhanced reflect the advanced measurement capabilities with OMA and ER. The scripts are not compiled to executable. This require a full development license from MatLAB.

Thus a user, that wants to apply these scripts, needs to compile it first of all or can run the *.m file, when MatLAB is installed he can run it immediately.

There is a small add-on UDF-function. It allows to decode the traces – independent on 8b/10b coding or whatever. In many cases the customer is just interested to capture the digital data, like a comparator (or BERT) would do it. Example: Customers, who debug the ADC output want to capture the digital signals, not the 8-bit (16-bit respectively) analog signals of the scope.

The attached UDF script takes the captured trace, compares it against the trigger threshold and outputs the digital data into a window for each captured and post-processed trace.

This scripts can be used also as subroutine for many more applications, where the digital content of the data is of interest.