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Recall State in 89601X VXA

Question asked by JimDuValeus on Jun 24, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2010 by nizuchi
Hey everyone,

We have an application that controls a 89601X VXA module running on a N9020A MXA, using LabWindows/CVI.  We've installed the N9020A driver and loaded it into the CVI environment, and most (if not all) the commands appear to work with the exception of loading or saving a state when using the optional Digital Demod mode (Option AYA).

Some of the ways that I've tried loading a state include:

- Recalling a state from a register using the native Agilent Signal Analyzer driver function AgSAn_SystemRecallState( )
- Recalling a state from a file using the SCPI command* "MMEM:LOAD:STAT <filename>" 
- Recalling a state from a register using the SCPI command* "*RCL <register #>"

*SCPI commands are sent via driver function AgSAn_SystemWrite( ), and all other SCPI commands I've tested not related to state loading/saving are working ok.

In each case, the command does not load a new state, and furthermore no errors are reported, neither as returns to functions or as displayed on the MXA itself.  Interestingly, if I send a SCPI command to load a specific state file and I supply the name of a file that doesn't exist in the default state directory, I do get an error returned, but not if the file does exist.  It might also be worth noting that recalling and saving states works just fine using the hard keys on the MXA, either via file or register, but our program must be automated.

If anybody has recommendations for something we haven't tried or something we're doing improperly it would be greatly appreciated.

Jim DuValeus
Principal Software Engineer
Orbital Sciences Corporation