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Vtep Problem

Question asked by bin on Jan 11, 2010
Latest reply on May 24, 2010 by AlexQTS

I got a strange problem when run a program:

Program description:
1.     4-up boards program
2.     Throughput multiplier and dual well configuration
3.     Config “One Board Per Vectorless Mux  ON” in “fixture_defaults” and  “.hp3070” to plan using 4 mux cards totally

Each board have 16 vteps, now when running IPG, errors shows vtep defined in board.o more than MPA resource can assign.
No testjet.o file could be generated.

I tried to remove devices from “testjet” with only 1 left, re-compile it and run MPA, still rise same errors.
I can’t find out the root reason.

Thanks in advance!