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BoundaryScan Mode on Intel@SCH platform

Question asked by bin on Oct 15, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2010 by bengchta
   Recently, I have a BoudaryScan case on Intel@SCH platform. I came up with the problem it can't enter into scan mode.
The boundary scan chain is a daisy chain, which link cpu and dock, all the tap signals and compliance signals are ok. But all the tests, even the disable test can't enter into scan mode. I break out the chain and test them seperately, cpu, the front side of chain can work sometimes, but not stable; meanwhile, the dock(intel@sch) always can't enter into the scan mode. I just heard the Agilent UGM have metioned that, some intel platform need addtion signal sequence for initialization, then can enter into the scan mode. Anybody here can share the new knowledge with me ?  Any references for this application?

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