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Alternative storage on DSO1000 series?

Question asked by Tarloth on Oct 6, 2011

Annoyed again with a doubt that I think that is not posssible. Can I add software functions in the 1000 Series oscilloscopes? I know that this series it´s small and very basic, but it´s very usefull for simple tasks and inspect signal degradation in low velocity serial protocols.

In particular, 50% of time that I use the oscilloscope is to display and correct digital signals and, once I have verified that the waveform is correct, I am interested only in the sequence of binary signals. If instead of storing the full analog part of signal, oscilloscope could store only the signals in digital form using the trigger level as 0-1 discriminant, the total memory per channel could be extended to capture signals longer in time.

Is this possible? I know that MSO do that and it´s the right choice to do this but, in some cases, the control of simple digital signals not justify the extra cost of adquisition of a MSO and only it´s necesary view pulse sequences alone without protocol analysis.

Thanks and sorry for my bad english