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CFT Top and Bottom Side Devices and Pins

Question asked by dbailey on Sep 18, 2008
Latest reply on May 18, 2012 by tgarner
When using cad format translator, use the following commands to set the top and bottom devices.

block file                            !block for xy.dat
         skip 1
format device pin node x y holder3 holder4

set preferred when device_type is testpad
set no_probe when holder4 ="N"
set device top when holder3 ="TOP"
set device bottom when holder3 = "BOTTOM

end block

This 'looks' like it works correctly.  that is, when the files are translated using the ;list option, the err file shows that the top devices are noted on top and the bottom devices are noted on the bottom.

BUT - when I look at the devices in board graphics, the PINS of these devices are always on the bottom, even when the devices are on top.  This makes for some headaches when developing fixture files, since even SMT locations marked NO_PROBE seems to have an affect on probe selection.

I'm guessing that CFT was developed before SMT and no updates were ever introduced to allow for components that are not through-hole technology.

Anyone have any work arounds for this, other than manually changing the NO_PROBE locations to TOP?