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Testjet wired to wrong mux cards

Question asked by lmatnivong on Jan 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2012 by weesyong
Hi, I have a problem with testjet wiring.  We have developed a dual well fixture, with 3 modules testhead.  UUT has IC on top and bottom layers.  Originally TJ for IC on top layer were supposed to be wired to 3 mux cards on top.  But this is a dualwel fixture, builder tried to wire the tj on top layer to the free ports on mux cards on bottom to get rid of top mux cards.  Now my TJ test for IC on top layer is not working.
How do I fix this ?   Can I change files, wirelist , testjet_mux... to make the new wiring work ?
Please help.
How do  avoid this sittuation (3 mux cards on top of dualwell fixture) happens again while developing ?
Thank you