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BT Basic - XVision issue

Question asked by Marius on Nov 16, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2015 by robmx
I have  a problem with one ICT machine.Until know i was connecting locally on the  computer , now when i try to connect on network domain the BT Basic application does not work properly, it's starting but it's not vissible it's like running in background.
What i noticed is that everytime i log in as a different user an application it's starting which seems to configure the XVision profile.

I took a look on Control Panel , XVision Profiles and on the Global Setting tab there is a field called Authorized Hosts. For the computer that is not working this field is empty.
On the below link there is  a photo with this field for a computer that has no problem running Bt Basic. ... issue.jpg/

Does anybody have any ideea what could be the problem?
Thank you in advance.