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Panelised board - unique graphic?

Question asked by dmlpektron on Oct 5, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by susannamoore
Situation: have developed a panelised program on my new series 5 system; 6 identical boards, all testing/diagnosing fine.
Problem: Each individual board has a barcode to be scanned - no problem, BUT the panel itself also has a separate, seventh barcode requiring to be scanned first of all. I am using plain screen text at the moment to tell the operator where to look for the panel barcode (on the "scrap" around the edges of the fret) but would like to show it on the board graphics as well in order to use "board graphics highlight" commands.  I have found in the past that operators do not always understand the written word and pretty pictures make it easier for them!
Is there a way to easily add a graphic rectangle separate from inside the board/end board statements used for the internal, repeated  boards? I have done this before for a plain, vanilla board/board_xy to add in a Pass Stamp Sticker but the panelised structure has me stumped at present. Any advice, ladies and gentlemen? Can it be done? Am I just being a bit dense? Thanks, in anticipation.