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Autofile switching

Question asked by ian.dailey on Jul 28, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2011 by dbailey
Does anyone have a solution for the following;
I have one fixture with multiple board versions. I have now added a second circuit board type again with versions.
Each board has same physical layout but the tracking is slightly different between the two, in as such, that the product connector has 4 outputs that map to different pin outs depending on circuit board type.
If I run IPG on board 1 to implement the changes for board 2 I need to add / delete wires which I think will result in board 1 no testable any more.
All the resources are already there for board 1 so the only difference is the resource allocation for wirelist, I think.

Second problem is how to switch between the two boards.
I know I can have multple entries in autofile but this gives an operator prompt to select which board type to run.
The operator doesn't know which board they have.
Each board is identified by a barcode and we use this to identify the board version so this information is available.

How can I automate the function key response via the testplan?