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How to ignore 'bad cylinder groups' on disk - SOLVED

Question asked by t_stinchcombe on Apr 28, 2010
Latest reply on May 11, 2010 by t_stinchcombe
[This is really a HPUX question, so if anyone can point me to a better forum in which which to post this question, then please do!]

Hi list,
One of our B180L controllers crashed out the other day during a large digital compilation (in excess of 270,000 vectors, plus two large homing loops of 65,536 times 30 vectors, plus 'debug' compile option). I strongly suspect the failure is associated with this (maybe a large temporary file somewhere filling up the disk?), but when the system re-booted, it spotted a 'bad cylinder group' on the disk and attempted a 'repair'. The automatic repair wasn't able to fix it, so it booted into root, to allow a 'manual fix' using 'fsck'. We have tried this several times, and on one occasion it indicated that the bad files were in a directory we simply don't care about, but the 'fix' hasn't worked.

Thus we cannot get the system to boot into the normal windows 'common desktop environment' in order that we might check and/or delete any trash directories/whatever - the logical volume affected is the one containing not only the directory for the windows system ('X11'), but also the main 'var/hp3070' stuff etc.

We really can't believe that we are facing the prospect of either a full system re-build from scratch, or from a system recovery tape, for want of knowing a specific command to tell the operating system to simply 'ignore' the bad section of disk, so that it will boot up as normal (hell, if this was MS Windows you probably wouldn't even know about it, it would just ignore the problem automatically).

Any suggestions or help gratefully received!

Thanks, Tim