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Reading 8595E status

Question asked by Shay.Shilo on May 10, 2009
Latest reply on May 16, 2009 by Tardz

I am remotly controlling HP 8595E Spectrum analyzer via GPIB.

Some commands (like "IP;") and others can take some time for the unit to complete, in some cases even a few seconds.
My controlling code has sequences of commands so I need a way to it know when a command is done so I can send the next one.
I found a bit in the status register (using "RQS 16;" and "STB?"), but I'm getting errors if I send "STB?" and then read from the GPIB. The errors stop when the "IP;" command completes on the device.

Is this the correct way wait-out a command like "IP;"?
Any other sugegstions will be welcome.

Thanks in advance,