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Deep Capture Time Limited?

Question asked by mpd123123123 on Apr 28, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2009 by mpd123123123
I have a working I/Q capture going by the example code in chapter 2 of the Basic Mode Guide for my E4440A spectrum analyzer (thanks for previous help on this).  But no matter how low I drop the sample rate, I get a time out from visual basic when I do a deep capture if I have the capture time greater than about 1.5 seconds.  It times out between these two lines of code:

psa.WriteString ":INIT:TCAP;*OPC?"
opcValue = psa.ReadString()

So my guess is that the spectrum analyzer does not respond fast enough after the capture has been initiated by the computer.  Is there any way to prevent this so I can do longer captures?  I tried separating the INIT:TCAP and *OPC instructions and putting a pause in visual basic in between them, but that did not work.

Thanks for the help.