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Storing .PNG to RAM on N9010A

Question asked by lcorrigan on Apr 28, 2009
Latest reply on May 1, 2009 by MikeM
I was helped on the forum before by someone named Mike, for saving .GIF file screen images to RAM instead of the C: drive for quick transfer to a PC.
I recently bought an N9010A EXA SpecA and looks like the file structure is different than my E4405B in that it uses a WinXP OS and now it saves as a .PNG file.
After Mike's help, I used to send  ":MMEM:CAT? \"R:\""  to query the files on RAM instead of the hard drive, but this doesn't work on my new device.

Here are some of the commands I use for this routine on the E4405B.
Looking for similar replacements for N9010A as I don't see a lot of these in the manual.

string tempFileDir = "\"R:tempy.gif\"";

":MMEM:CAT? \"R:\""
":MMEM:DEL " + tempFileDir
":MMEM:STOR:SCR " + tempFileDir  
":MMEM:DATA? " + tempFileDir
Is this method of saving to RAM still possible?
If yes, can I get some assistance with the commands?