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Creating BRC to MINT Pin List

Question asked by dbailey on Mar 25, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2011 by adrianc
I need to provide our repair associates a list that references which nodes are connected to which MINT pins.  The issue stems from using the pins test (CHEK-POINT report), which prints out the MINT pins asociated with failures, nodes and component pins.  When our database collects CHEK-POINT failure information for repair, it only captures the MINT pins data.

I have looked in the inserts file and the information for the BRCs is close to what I need, but not there's not a direct match of the BRCs to MINT pins due to drill hole placement.  If I knew how to 'round up' or 'round down' the BRC to match them up with MINT pins, it might be possible to generate a list from that data(?).

Does anyone know of a way to generate this reference list? 
Or can anyone describe how the way BRCs are placemed in relation to MINT pins?