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EVM Measurement using MXA N9020A

Question asked by majeedahamad2005 on Dec 28, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2012 by tabbott

I am trying to measure EVM using MXA N9020A.

In my setup I have one LTE 10MHz waveform which is loaded and played on MSG N5182A at 2.14GHz and -10dBm amplitude.

RF output from MSG is fed to MXA and tried to measure EVM.

I have a BNC cable connected between the 10 MHz OUT port of the signal generator and the EXT REF IN port of the analyzer.

I am able to view good 10 MHz spectrum, but unable to see any IQ diagram and good EVM value.

I can see a message display on the screen " SYNC NOT FOUND". Is this the cause of problem ? If yes how to overcome this ?

If not, what is the cause of getting the message and not able to see IQ diagram ?

Please help me to resolve it.

Thanks for your support.

Majeed Ahamad