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VSA Modulation Accuracy Screen

Question asked by paseltine on Dec 16, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2011 by paseltine
We have an Agilent E4406A VSA and E4432B ESG-D generator and are trying to conduct CDMA and W-CDMA Modulation Accuracy testing and are looking for EVM and IQ data. 

ESG - CDMA and W-CDMA Personality
VSA - CDMA/IS-95 Personality (I know, no W-CDMA)

On VSA, under Modulation Accuracy screen in CDMA mode, no data shows up for EVM or IQ whether the ESG is set for CDMA or W-CDMA, and we get the message "error code 503 Can not correlate to input signal".

We are rather new at this, have reviewed available manuals, so any help or guidance would be appreciated.  We must be missing something.