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Require help on E4408A

Question asked by ruebenn on Nov 12, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2008 by jborges3
Hi , i have a messed up E 4408A spectrum analyzer and i wish to have it repaired.
I wonder if any of you can offer me some help by passing me the service manual?
I have a few error messages in which i think i could relate to the failure of some specific boards.
I have had bad rather expensive episodes after sending units to Agilent(oops, sorry). I couldnt explainn much to the service guy and i could only relate the errors and he kept on going about the list of boards/things that could be wrong.
And when i sent to them, they gave me whopping repair quote and i feel i wasnt given the estimate before anything.
Hence not willing to absorb the high cost, i just paid the evaluation fee and got back my unit unrepaired.
I humbly hope i can get my hands on the service and parts manual?

Appreciate the help.