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8935/E6380A and RF Tools, Return Loss Bridges

Question asked by KC8QVO on Oct 31, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2011 by tabbott
Amtronix has a neat RLB ( that they say will run on the 8935/E6380A. Does anyone have experience with this unit?

Is there a good place to look for surplus HP RLB's (possibly the RF Tools kit, or just the stand alone RLB)?

Any reccomendations one way or another on either HP's RLB or Amtronix' RLB?

I am also trying to use the screen capture program on my computer - it makes the computer look like a printer to save the screen. My computer is Windows Vista and I am using a USB to Serial adapter. Are there any tricks to getting this to work? I have played with the COM port settings some and it doesn't want to work. It sits there and tells me "waiting to complete printing" or something of that nature on the monitor, it seems like the signal isn't making it to the computer.

Is the data card necessary for running the RF Tools programs or is it possible to run them without the card (just not able to save the test results)?