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Reading the trace data from a PSA (spectrum analysis)

Question asked by PeterM on Aug 16, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2007 by bwreed
I'd really like to find the manual in which it is fully described.  In the "User’s and Programmer’s Reference, Volume 1, Core Spectrum Analyzer Functions" (May 2007) it is quite clear that I could use the ":FETC" command.  In fact it says:

"Use :FETCh? to transfer a measurement result from memory to the output buffer. Refer to individual commands in the MEASure subsystem for more information."

The trouble is that I cannot find any more details in the MEASure subsystem description.  From various snippets of information in other manuals I would guess the format is something like:


The "SPEC" indicates spectrum data and the n should indicate the format, but what are the valid formats?

This one has me tearing my hair out in frustration.  I've never before had this sort of difficulty in finding details of the programming commands for Agilent instruments.