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Audio Response test using HP8903B

Question asked by LOGESWARAN on Sep 18, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2008 by RayH

         I need to perform wide band audio response test in receiver board  i m using HP8903B audio analyzer & MG3632 SigGen.
I want to know what will happen when we press the ratio & log in buttons.
Is ther any calculation is done inside if so i need the calculation.Below is my customers procedure.pls explain how to perform the below tests

Test Procedure:                    
1. The Audio Generator on the Audio Analyzer is programmed to generate 1000Hz at standard test input level and output is normalized to read 0dB reference level by pressing Ratio & Log In buttons.
2. Set RF signal level to -84dBm,30MHz Rf freq, FM deviation 8 KHz , modulating Frequency 1KHz and around 1Vrms level from Audio Analyzer.
3. Modulating frequency of the Audio Generator is varied from 20Hz to 10 KHz.Measure the audio level at TestpointA in the audio analyzer.
4. Measured level at TestpointA should be within –3dB to +3dB w.r.t.1 KHz modulating signal.      
5. Measure audio output at 20KHz shall be < -20dBm with respect to 1KHz modulating signal.    

Test Specifications
                      Measured wideband audio response at TestpointA shall be as mentioned below

Freq. (Hz.)                     Level(dBm), Normalizing to 0dB at 1KHz.
20                                                      +3 to –3
300                                                     +3 to –3
700                                                     +3 to –3
3K                                                       +3 to –3 
5K                                                       +3 to –3 
10K                                                     +3 to –3 
20K                                                         <-20