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Screenshot on E4445A through VISA

Question asked by burakyetiskin on Jul 30, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2007 by grstrachan
I had  difficulties in initializing the screenshot through GPIB commands. I meddled with basic C programs, despite getting no errors at all I'm getting a blank output with my code. I wondered if I am initializing the commands wrong?

I set the timeout to 20 seconds, use the most basic screenshot command on the device through viprintf, (:MMEM:STOR:SCR 'C:myfile.gif', &buffer), and to retrieve the data I am using (:MMEM:DATA? 'C:myfile.gif'). I thought it was this straightforward. And I just delete the image from the device's memory when I'm done.

I had also tried converting the data type to ASCII, REAL 64, etc, but the outcome was pretty much the same.

You have any opinion why I am unable to retrieve anything (despite getting the screenshot on the device, there's a problem with the transfer only)or know a programming example for C?